Working With Words

Content Writing

A website, blog, how-to videos, and images are all great...if your target audience actually finds you. SEO content writing is about making sure that not only is the writing fresh but that it is also well-researched, well-composed, and properly incorporates targeted keywords to connect you with potential new clients. Writing by a human being for other human beings can never be replaced by a machine, and that's why content marketing works. It entertains, informs, inspires, and can help people make decisions. You can read samples of my work here:


Since 2017 I have been a Reader for the Austin Film Festival's Script & Screenplay Competition. I read and assess screenplays, provide feedback to the writers, and determine which ones advance in the competition. I help writers find their own voice, tell fresh narratives, and write dialogue to serve as an extension of character development work.


I've read hundreds of scripts in the following categories: feature screenplay (comedy and drama), shorts (comedy and drama), scripted podcast, television pilot (variety of genres), and stage plays.