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Click on the attached PDF to see my resume that details my stage management and other production experience. My home address is blacked out, but a copy of my resume with my address is available.

AVAILABILITY: I am unavailable until April 5, 2023 at the earliest, and I am contracted to work a show in summer 2023. When reaching out, please let me know the exact dates, expectations, and rate/salary. And please tell me about your company! If it doesn't work out, I may be available for your promotional photography and videography needs.

I am fully vaccinated against COVID and other illnesses, have a valid passport, and would love to travel! Please let me know what accommodations you will provide - I'm fine with a hotel or staying in a volunteer's private residence as long as they believe in germ theory. 

I did 2 years of unpaid work in grad school and suffered financially from it, so don't even bother if it's an unpaid or under-paid gig. Instead, go focus on your fundraising, because relying on free workers is not a wise business model. 

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