Click on the attached PDF to see my resume updated in January 2022 that details my stage management and other production experience. 

AVAILABILITY: I will be ASMing, PSMing, and PMing various shows and events until May 2, 2022 at Gulfshore Opera. There are so few days off in between my multiple contracts with GO and a surgery to schedule that I am not accepting contracts in between unless they're photo sessions or short-term gigs too good to say no to :)

Depending on COVID regulations, my oral surgery will likely be in March, and I will be unable to lift anything or exercise for 1 full week. (It's not wisdom teeth removal.)

Then I am back at Island City Stage in May 2022 to stage manage The Mystery of Irma Vep – A Penny Dreadful, and will be working with them until the end of August 2022. Happy to discuss September/October 2022.

I am fully vaccinated against COVID and other illnesses, have a valid passport, and would love to travel! But only after I've healed from surgery since an airplane ride will be detrimental to my recovery. I'm happy to travel by car in Florida, or by train elsewhere. Please let me know what accommodations you will provide - I'm fine with a hotel or staying in a volunteer's private residence as long as they believe in germ theory and properly sanitize the space I will be using.