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Videos & Production

Video Editing and Production

After completing the Television Production Internship at WHRO Public Media in Norfolk, VA, I began working for them as a Television Production Technician. I work in a variety of roles including Production Assistant, Grip, Talent Coordinator, Floor Director, and Editor. Before interning and working there I was a Spring Production Intern at Jpixx in Virginia Beach, a video-led digital agency, and a Production Intern at Studio Center, also in Virginia Beach. Double-click to expand the videos below to learn more about my role in creating them.

Short Films I Wrote 

I've been writing for several years and have trained through various programs such as Second City Online and UCLA's Professional Program in Screenwriting, where I was able to develop my comedy and storytelling skills. Here are some videos of scripts I've written or stories I've conceived that were created in collaboration with others. 

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