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I shoot with 2 film cameras from the 1980s and on a Sony a7R IIIA Mirrorless Camera. By shooting on classic 35mm film I create cinematic portraits that people rave about because they "look like real life." There are apps that supposedly make digital photos look like film but they don't trick my eyes. I pick rolls based on the conditions I'm shooting in and what film will work best. Digital photography and videography complement film photography because digital does what film can't. To view a gallery in full-screen just double-click on the photos until they appear accurately on your mobile phone or desktop browser. 


I am based in Broward County and am happy to travel! 

 Lees español? Mira la December issue of Sonríe Miami, y tambien January 2021 issue

You can also check out my Food and Product Photography, Black and White Photography, and exploration of abandoned places in Florida.

Shot On Film

Digital Photography

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