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A video I shot and edited at WHRO. I designed the set in the studio and led the Production team to make this promotional video for podcast Mind Over Manners, which can be found here:

At the 2018 Virginia Beach Bash, a stage combat and stunt workshop sanctioned by the Society of American Fight Directors, participants were given 90 minutes to learn and rehearse the choreography, and then I had 90 minutes to block and shoot the scene. Then I edited the footage in Premiere Pro so it could be screened at the end of the workshop. 

During the workshop I developed a foundation in cinematography for action sequences.

During my internship at WHRO Public Media I worked as an Assistant Editor for a video on the 2017 Great Computer Challenge. Each year the previous year's competition is shown to the students and parents. I used Final Cut to make this video.

During my production internship at Studio Center I assisted the DP in setting up camera equipment in various locations at Norfolk Academy for their Groundbreaking Ceremony. I captured footage of students using a handheld camera.

This is a short highlights video I edited for Norfolk Harborfest presented by Festevents in 2016. This video was featured on the Jpixx Instagram page during the event. Jpixx is a video-led digital marketing agency specializing in narrative and message-driven content. I used Premier Pro to make this video.

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