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I was a teacher for five years. I taught 1st grade for one year, K-8 Art for two years, preschool for one year and I was the director of a high school drama program in Virginia for one year.


However, I've spent much longer as a part-time, freelance acting teacher and director. I got my start as a Directing Intern with the Greensboro Children’s Theatre in North Carolina where I directed an abridged version of Sheridan’s The Rivals. Then I headed over to Texas where I was an Education Intern at the Dallas Children’s Theatre, which TIME magazine rated as one of the top 5 theatres for youth in the United States. I worked as a Creative Dramatics Specialist at the Fort Lauderdale Children’s Theatre (now the Florida Children’s Theatre), and as a Teacher and Director with the Hurrah Players, Virginia’s premiere family theatre.

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