I'm Amy Mahon

I'm a writer with an eclectic background ranging from SEO to screenwriting, and a photographer with first-hand experience in building a brand in a niche market, which is analogue photography. I've worked for video production companies as well as a local PBS station in the production department to bring stories to a wide variety of audiences.


I taught and directed in educational/children's theatre before moving into video production and marketing. I am actively engaged in the local community as a board member for the Nancy J. Cotterman Center, a member of the South Florida Theatre League, and freelancer in writing, photography, and script consultation.

Pardon the design inconsistencie. I am manually updating my website using Wix, which doesn't make it easy, so some pages are either incomplete or have mismatching typography. Enjoy them anyway.

A little more about me...

-Currently watching: Alice in Borderlands. I have to balance that intensity with Schitt's Creek

-I have always been an avid fan of mailing weird things to people because I think everyone needs a little ridiculousness and surprise in life. After all, it gets rather dark, so it's up to us to make hope real.

-Current intellectual obsessions: Cryptocurrencies; the idea of debt; gifting economies; philosophy of compassion and idleness; South Florida's MLM culture; the idea of colleges requiring financial aid advisors to have a master's degree and a general overhaul of higher education. (And I love when people tell me what matters to them.)

-I read multiple books at a time, and you will know which ones because I will talk about them a lot. Right now it's biographies of musicians and the science of how people make decisions and choose things.

-Podcasts: The Dream should be required listening. I love so much of what's on NPR and Radiotopia. 

-Known for: Always carrying a bottle of Listerine with me. Listen, I like garlic and onions and the company I keep. 

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