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Hello! I'm Amy Mahon

I’m a writer and creative professional who oversees the planning and execution of professional productions. Contact me if you're looking for a freelance stage manager or production manager, SEO writer, videographer, photographer, or script consultant for screenplays and stage plays.


I grew up in Fort Lauderdale, went to college in North Carolina, and to film school in Virginia. I live in South Florida and am actively engaged in the community. I am the Treasurer of the Board of the Nancy J. Cotterman Center and the Secretary of the Board of the South Florida Theatre League, an alliance of theatre companies and professionals dedicated to nurturing, promoting, and advocating for the growth of the South Florida theatre industry.

Want to work with me? Great! Please include exact dates, rates, and if housing is provided, if applicable. Also, a lot of people don't tell me about themselves in their intro emails, but I think it's really useful. Tell me about yourself and your company.

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