Theatre Artist, Photographer, Writer, and Film/TV/Video Freelancer

I'm an artist and storyteller, and everything else that describes me is merely a job title.


I work for a digital marketing firm in in Miami, FL and focus on content creation. I studied theatre in undergrad and film in grad school, with an emphasis on screenwriting, and continued my studies in Philosophy and Ethics after receiving my MFA. For the last 11 years I have been working and teaching in both theatre and film/video/TV production. 


I freelance in portrait photography (which I am resuming in June 2020), stage management, designing and making theatrical props, set construction for theatre or taped productions, screenplay coverage and story consultation. I work as a non-union stagehand/production technician. 


Some more fun facts about me:

  • My favorite kind of physical activity is anything that challenges my balance. If I don't consciously think about firmly planting both feet on the ground I end up standing on one leg, which is something my students often pointed out. I love balancing challenges and will almost always accept one. And I have...put me in a party with theatre people or dancers, and somehow I always find myself in the kitchen in a balance-off with someone. I will do things on one leg just to bother other people. I stay planted on two feet when I need to for professional and safety reasons, but otherwise I'm a flamingo. I don't think of myself as quirky, I think of myself as probably needing a chiropractor more than I want to admit to myself. At any rate, I'm not trying to stop it. I also love swimming. 

  • I love exploring with my camera. Going out to shoot pictures is an activity that requires one to slow down and really look. It's one of the most calming and exciting pursuits I've ever taken up. I've grown more into the mindset that you can take pictures anywhere if you understand composition and have the ability to see things with fresh eyes. I picked up a film camera and a roll of Fuji 400 in 2018, and 35mm film is my main form of photography.

  • I love dark humor, sardines, and ruby red grapefruit juice. 

  • I believe that being yourself is far more important than making yourself "palatable." I'm more comfortable around weirdos. Anyone who still braves being themselves in spite of how much easier it would be to fit in with the crowd is far more trustworthy and worth having around than the alternative. I have a lot of respect for artists and creative people. As long as you're not willing to take or do something at

  • Currently I am on a history kick, but I enjoy reading books on screenwriting, philosophy, and psychology. I wish there were more years in a lifetime to consume literature, but I try to absorb as much of all the world's wonders and curiosities as possible. I am a big podcast fan, too.

  • I volunteer with environmental advocacy groups. I love beach and canal cleanups, and being in the water. 

  • I am a Board member for Broward County's only certified rape crisis center

Theatre and Fine Arts Teacher

After graduating with a degree in Theatre and several years of working or volunteering with children, I became a teacher. I loved planning lessons, leading activities, and using theatre as a way to facilitate collaboration, creative writing, and to teach students about empathy and the various narratives that people have.

I have worked as a full-time teacher in private and public schools, and as a freelance instructor at various children's and family theaters in the southeast. After a few years of that, I wanted to change.

Sketch Comedy and Screenwriting

I was drawn to improvisation from my days in theatre, which is how I got involved in sketch comedy. I took a few classes in both at comedy theaters, but I say I got my real start with The Second City Online's courses. For the first time in my life all of the jumbled, silly thoughts in my head could make sense! I still use their brainstorming methods to develop characters and situations. I continued learning through the intensive UCLA Professional Program in Screenwriting, which I completed in June 2014.

Video Production and Filmmaking

When I was living in Virginia I decided to pursue an MFA in Film with an emphasis on Screenwriting. I made two short films my first semester, and began interning at a video-led digital agency specializing in brand entertainment the next semester. I interned at two other companies and eventually started working at a Television Production Technician at WHRO Public Media immediately upon graduating with my degree.



I am always willing to listen to your creative needs and see if I can help you out. Combining our expertise, experience, and passions means that we are that much more effective in coming up with creative solutions, running successful campaigns, and making a difference. Reach out to me to learn more about how I can help you manage your project, develop an education program, or take a concept and bring it to fruition. You can email me at or reach out to me on social media.

I look forward to connecting and create together!

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