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Welcome to my site! I am not a web developer. I have been updating my site and I still have some funky links. I'm working on them.

I began my creative career as a Theatre Artist and Teacher

Hi! I am Amy E. Mahon, and I am glad you're here! As a teenager I had so many interests, but I chose to become a Theatre teacher. After two internships in Theatre for Youth/Theatre Education I began teaching in South Florida. I loved planning lessons, leading activities, and using theatre as a way to facilitate collaboration, creative writing, and to teach students about empathy and the various narratives that people have.

I have worked as a full-time teacher in private and public schools, and as a freelance instructor at various children's and family theaters in the southeast. After a few years of that, I wanted to change.

Writing Comedy and Screenplays

I was drawn to improvisation from my days in theatre, which is how I got involved in sketch comedy. I took a few classes in both at comedy theaters in Fort Lauderdale, FL and Carrboro, NC, but I say I got my real start with The Second City Online's courses. For the first time in my life all of the jumbled, silly thoughts in my head could make sense! I still use their brainstorming methods to develop characters and situations.

I continued learning through the intensive UCLA Professional Program in Screenwriting, which I completed in June 2014.

Video Production and Filmmaking

I knew I wanted to produce my own works, but I didn't have a video or film portfolio to get into grad school. After all, I was a stage performer, designer, and teacher! I was living in Virginia Beach, VA at the time and enrolled in a local university in their M.F.A. Cinema-Television, Screenwriting program. While I would be studying screenwriting and script analysis rather than production or direction, I used my student status to work as an intern in marketing/video production, and public television. 


I made my two films with a tiny budget, but I was determined to feed and pay my actors! Planning the shoot came quite naturally given my years of working in theatre production (exact same sensibilities applied in two extremely different ways). I had never heard of Premiere Pro before, and was such a beginner that when the editor asked me to type in the credits - JUST the credits - I couldn't do it. (Want another funny story? The first day I was asked at an internship to work in Final Cut Pro X I spent 15 minutes trying to figure out how to open a new project.)

I continued working as a drama teacher and acting in local plays while I taught myself the basics of composition, video editing, animation, and how to use various Adobe CC programs, all while being a full-time graduate student. I continue studying and attend conferences in motion graphics, producing, and filmmaking. (So, no, I no longer sit there in FCPX bewildered for 15 minutes.)

Upon graduating I began working in public television in their production department.

And That's Me In A Few Words

I'm currently freelancing in analog photography, video production, producing, and screenwriting/script coverage in Fort Lauderdale. I also work as a Freelance Writer for an SEO marketing company in Miami, FL, though I work remotely and can go anywhere. In my spare time I dance, make stop-motion videos, read about history or anthropology, and am always working on at least 2 personal projects. I surround myself with an eclectic, intellectual, and refreshing group of individuals from all walks of life who bring ideas to life. I live life to the fullest, and can easily be voted Most Likely to Send You An Audiobook.

I am always willing to listen to your creative needs and see if I can help you out.

Thanks for reading, and I hope we can connect and create together! Check out my social media links below for more info! 

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