I'm Amy Mahon

I'm a writer with an eclectic background ranging from SEO to screenwriting, and a photographer. I taught and directed in educational and children's theatre before moving into video production and marketing. My full-time work is as a content writer for a digital marketing firm in Miami, which gives me the flexibility to freelance in theatre, video production and live events. I make graphics, read and analyze new plays and screenplays, stage manage productions, know a lot about social media and content marketing, and a lot more. 

I have lived many different lives in one. I know what it's like to swallow my pride and work dirty jobs. I'm equally comfortable in a luxurious hotel in Miami Beach as I am in an auditorium of high school students at risk of dropping out. I was born and raised in South Florida, went to college in rural North Carolina, and spent years working in the arts in a military town in Virginia. These experiences have allowed me to craft messages in a voice that matches the target audience perfectly 


I am actively engaged in the local community and always building new relationships. I serve as the Treasurer on the board of directors for the Nancy J. Cotterman Center and am a member of the South Florida Theatre League. I'm also involved in the South Florida yoga community, love to garden, and am endlessly curious.

Pardon the design inconsistencies. I am manually updating my website using Wix, which is clunky. Some pages are either incomplete or have mismatching typography. Enjoy them anyway.

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