Welcome to my website! I am a writer, theatre artist, photographer, freelancer in video/film production, and overall fun person.

Hi, I'm Amy! I'm an artist and storyteller. I write for a variety of individuals and companies, but I mainly write for a digital marketing firm in in Miami, FL (you can view samples of my content writing). For the last 11 years I have been working and teaching in both theatre and film/video/TV production. Since the start of the pandemic I have been working remotely, mostly, and on other small passion projects to limit my exposure to others, and protect my family. 


I freelance in portrait photography, stage management, screenplay coverage, and story consultation. I work as a non-union freelance stagehand and production technician. I am also as a former props master and will always get excited to get back in the shop and make something. Feel free to reach out to schedule a photoshoot, for stage or screen script consultations, or just to say hello!

Here's some fun facts about my existence:

1. After bad gigs - and we've all had them - I like to get lost in a nonfiction book about science, agriculture, or economics. I get lost in a world far from work, center myself, and then jump back in. 

2. Sometimes it still amazes me that I make money doing what I do. That this gets to be my life. And I make the most awful, corny jokes while doing it. But they're great jokes, I promise.  

3. My diet is mostly hummus and chocolate milk, I admit. I could talk all day about food and how mesmerized I am by the many shapes and types of things this planet can grow. (Drive by farmlands in Florida and you'll see all sorts of fruits you've never heard of.)

4. I am a stickler about properly pronouncing places. When you've had to reshoot footage because talent mispronounced "Staunton, Virginia" or "Norfolk, Virginia" or "Mebane, NC," you learn to double-check, just in case. It's the kind of detail I always look out for. 

I personally think I am a dream to work with, but if you don't want to take my word for it then I am happy to provide you references. 

Theatre and Fine Arts Teacher

After graduating with a degree in Theatre and several years of working or volunteering with children, I became a teacher. I loved planning lessons, leading activities, and using theatre as a way to facilitate collaboration, creative writing, and to teach students about empathy and the various narratives that people have.

I have worked as a full-time teacher in private and public schools, and as a freelance instructor at various children's and family theaters in the southeast. After a few years of that, I wanted to change.

Sketch Comedy and Screenwriting

I was drawn to improvisation from my days in theatre, which is how I got involved in sketch comedy. I took a few classes in both at comedy theaters, but I say I got my real start with The Second City Online's courses. For the first time in my life all of the jumbled, silly thoughts in my head could make sense! I still use their brainstorming methods to develop characters and situations. I continued learning through the intensive UCLA Professional Program in Screenwriting, which I completed in June 2014.

Video Production and Filmmaking

When I was living in Virginia I decided to pursue an MFA in Film with an emphasis on Screenwriting. I made two short films my first semester, and began interning at a video-led digital agency specializing in brand entertainment the next semester. I interned at two other companies and eventually started working at a Television Production Technician at WHRO Public Media immediately upon graduating with my degree, and stayed for a year and a half before moving to South Florida. Check out some of the work I did as well as my internship capstone video.

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