I'm Amy Mahon

I’m a writer who can design and an ideas person who can lead a team to bring it to life. I'm a freelancer with On The Map Marketing, Inc. in Miami, FL, as well as in theatre, video production and live events. I make graphics, take photos, discover new writing talent, manage productions, teach, and a lot more. 

I have lived many different lives in one. I know what it's like to swallow my pride and work dirty jobs. I'm equally comfortable in a luxurious hotel in Miami Beach as I am in an auditorium of high school students at risk of dropping out. I was born and raised in South Florida, went to college in rural North Carolina, and spent years working in the arts in a military town in Virginia. These experiences have allowed me to craft messages in a voice that matches the target audience perfectly 


I am actively engaged in the local community and always building new relationships. I serve as the Treasurer on the board of directors for the Nancy J. Cotterman Center and am a member of the South Florida Theatre League. I'm also involved in the South Florida yoga community, love to garden, and am endlessly curious.

I get asked a lot, “Which do you prefer, theatre or film?” It’s important to know that I can’t stand not understanding things and that’s what drives me. I couldn’t just be an actress because I was too bothered by trying to figure out where the designers' ideas came from and how they knew how to bring them to life. I wanted to know how to create moods with color and composition when shooting pictures. I don’t think humans are born to be put in one box or another. We should always question the boxes, who made them, and even ask if we should get rid of them. I am a creative who happens to be able to do multiple things. For that I am grateful. I carved this life for myself through my education, internships, and alliances in order to not have an either/or answer.

Pardon the design inconsistencies. I am manually updating my website using Wix, which is clunky. Some pages are either incomplete or have mismatching typography. Please enjoy them anyway.

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