I'm Amy Mahon

I’m a writer, freelance stage manager, and designer with many years of teaching under my belt. I write content optimized for search engines with On The Map Marketing, Inc. in Miami, FL and freelance in the local professional theatre industry as a stage manager, production manager and ASM. I'm also a photographer. 


I am actively engaged in the local community as the Treasurer on the Board of Directors for the Nancy J. Cotterman Center and as a Board Member for the South Florida Theatre League. I'm also involved in the South Florida yoga community, love to garden, and am endlessly curious.

I grew up in South Florida but lived in North Carolina and Virginia for many years. All of those places and experiences have had an influence on who I am and how I see the world.

I am often asked which area of the arts I love the most. I don't believe in picking one over another is a necessary part of proving my devotion. I worked very hard to work in related but separate industries. I like to say that I worked hard to be lucky enough to live my life this way.  

Pardon the design inconsistencies. I am manually updating my website using Wix, which is clunky. Some pages are either incomplete or have mismatching typography. Please enjoy them anyway.

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